Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it. - Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time goes way to quickly! Progress!

I can't believe its been so long since I last posted.  I need to get back in the habit.  I have to tell you its been a great 8 months!  I'm still doing the Protective Diet.  The food keeps getting better and better!  I'm telling you that if you have any desire to do a plant based diet...this is the way to go!  The food is comfort food.  You will love it.  You still get to eat dessert!  Your health ailments will go away.  You will feel better!  You will start to feel alive!  You will feel much happier.  You will sleep better.  I'm planning on posting pictures of my food and thoughts about this eating plan.  My pictures will speak for my progress thus far.  

I know these aren't full body pics...but the full body shots will be coming.  I'm still in the process of losing and I have about 60 more pounds to lose.  This has been a great journey so far!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

How much do you weigh?

If you couldn't tell, this posting is about a scale.  What is a scale anyway?  Isn't it someone's idea of how much weight your body has?  Why should I let that define me?  I'm a great person way before I got on that thing!

Here are a few facts about my scale:  Last month it started saying that I was losing copious amounts of weight.  Yea!  One week I lost about 10 lbs.  That was when I knew it was on the fritz.  Plus....what was I doing weighing after a week?  I guess because the week before I lost 6 lbs and I was curious what was going on.  Anyway...I finally concluded the poor thing was broken.  Maybe overtaxed....haha!  Literally!  I digress.  Anyway...when I got on the new scale I bought...it said I had gained ten pounds.  That was before all the copious weight loss.  (don't you love that word copious!?!  Maybe not...)  I don't know about you but when I start going down...it seems like I was redefining myself at that new weight and I really didn't appreciate the scale putting me back like that.  It was putting me back a few years!

It wasn't too serious thank goodness as it made me take a second look at what I was doing.  I mean...if I go up ten pounds...I'm still the same great person that is trying hard to be a good worker, mom, sister, aunt, daughter and grandma. (Hey...I have quite a few titles!)  I haven't really changed much.  I am still trying hard to be a good person and that stupid scale isn't going to redefine my efforts or how I feel about myself.

It also really threw my weight loss that I was keeping track of off.  Now I have to wait a few months to make sure my apartment isn't just cursed to make sure this scale thing is working out.  I can only really go by my measurements.  So..my clothes are feeling looser and that is good news.  However, I'm going to have to stay off the scale until I get out of that cursed land of redefinition.  Hopefully I'll continue to get healthy and do the things I need to do to get there.  That is really what matters here.  Not what that stupid scale says.  It's like you get on it and it yells out to you, "oh..you went up 3 pounds.  You blew it big time somehow so you might as well start eating sugar or fat or something."  SERIOUSLY?  Why should I let some stupid machine determine how I conduct myself or how I feel about myself.  I know there is not exact science to weight loss and my body is rather fickle as far as day to day weight loss.  Over time though is another story.  If I lose ten pounds in a month, that is rather different than gaining it.  I would say I need to take a second look after a month if I gain ten pounds.  So there you go.  Don't let a machine or a fickle body determine your attitude or your food intake!  Just say no to a stupid machine that doesn't determine your worth!  :-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This is an article I wrote for a weight loss activity that I am in with my family. 
How many diets have you gone on in your lifetime?  Let's see...I think my first one was when I was 14!  I must have been a size 12 then.  What a fatty!  I'd love to be back there right now!  Why don't we appreciate and accept ourselves more when we are younger?  Since I've gone on so many diets....I think I'm somewhat of an expert.....on dieting at least.  Here's a great article called, "no dieting"  ( http://moxiebymichele.blogspot.com/search/label/NO%20Dieting! )  Read it!  Her points are that dieting doesn't work.  I'm really not trying to sabotage you and make myself the victor of this competition.  However, I no longer believe in diets because I always seem to gain the weight back when I go off of them.  I'm done with diets!  I need something that works no matter what!  I don't want to measure my food.  I don't want to label myself as good or bad for not staying on a diet or overeating.  It has to be foolproof and something that helps me maintain a slim weight. 

Another point she makes is that diets are overpriced.  I've spent probably a few thousand dollars on diets throughout the years.  I spent all that money and the problem still exists!  That's when I decided I would spend zero more dollars on diets.  NO MORE!

Her next point is that diets are usually the same for everyone.  For example, the cottage cheese diet...you eat only cottage cheese all day every day.  Everyone eats the same if they want to succeed.  WRONG!  You need to find something that works for you.  Make it something that works for you during hard times and during easy times!  Personalize it just for you.  For example, I need an eating plan that lets me eat as much as I want anytime I want.  Once I adopted that mindset, I was able to let go trying to eat so much and wanting to eat all the time.  Now I eat 3 times a day.  Yea...however, I give myself the option to eat whenever and however much I want.  Even if I did that on my eating plan, I wouldn't gain weight.  So my eating plan needs that built in.  What does your eating plan need?  Before you decide...watch others eating plans and see if it might fit you.  Have some faith!  Remember..you want it to always work for you no matter what!  Good luck fellow competitors!  May the odds be ever in your favor! 

PS...the eating plan that I follow and have been for the last 106 days is found here:  www.protectivediet.com       I've lost about ten pounds a month eating as much as I want and have gotten rid of pre-diabetes.  I'm feeling excellent and sleeping excellently!

Friday, December 20, 2013

What is Extreme?

 It's no secret I have been struggling with my weight since I was in diapers it seems!  At least since I was in my teens this is something I have had issues with.  I've tried every diet out there.  Some more than once.  Some of the things I've tried could be labeled as extreme.  There was the cottage cheese diet.  That was pretty healthy right?  I mean..its cottage cheese!  But eating the cottage cheese all day grew to be old pretty quickly.  I've tried calorie restrictive diets.  Those made me a little mental.  Finally I settled on something that I've been able to maintain without counting calories, without having to weigh and measure, eating the foods that I love, and not feeling worried I couldn't go out in public to eat or I would cave.  Recently I went to our work Christmas dinner party.  It was a big dinner with all junk food along with a green bean casserole and a ham.  I brought a big veggie tray, dip and different olives.  My coworkers love olives.  Anyway...I was sitting at a table with some coworkers eating my salad with beans and none of the junk food on my plate and my coworker comes up to me and says, "is that all you are eating?"  Yea...for a moment there I felt awkward because I thought I might have committed a crime.  But then I recovered and I told her I was pretty happy with it.  She moved on thank goodness because I was starting to get the old, please take the attention off of me ASAP, attitude.  I just don't like any attention on me in general so that's my personal problem.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Some people might think the way I eat is extreme.  That would be most of the people I know. 

 However, have you thought that maybe we need to move the line of extreme?  I mean, when I first started eating this way eons ago, I thought eating no dairy, no oil and no sugar or meat might be extreme.  However, now I don't think of it at all.  I'm able to enjoy my food every day without thinking about food obsessively or what I "might" be missing.  I sleep well at night.  I feel better and better every day.  It has taken me eons and eons to get to this spot because I can be stubborn.  However, now I wish I would have jumped in more enthusiastically eons ago because I would be in a better spot today.

I wonder sometimes if other parts of the world who don't have access to fast food and eat plant based meals look at the United States as extreme eaters?  I mean...we have a lot of junk food here in our nation that other places don't have.  When I was younger, I used to think what would happen if all the candy and m&ms that I enjoyed would go away because all of the factories shut down?  I tried to mentally prepare myself for this catastrophic time!  Hah!  I also read this book about the Word of Wisdom, written back in the early 1900s stating that food companys would have these evil intentions to get people hooked on their food.  Something to that effect.  Very interesting huh?  If all those processed food companies shut down, what would we eat?  And have you wondered what that stuff they put in processed food really is called "natural flavors"?  What is extreme here anyway? 

Well..I read this really great article from the Engine 2 diet that addressed this so well called Moving the Line of Extreme.  In her final parting words she states, "For me, to indulge in unhealthy, disease promoting foods is not an option. That is not because I’m being extreme, or because I feel as though I need to achieve some nutritional nirvana. It is simply because I want to be free from the addictions that once held me back.

When people tell you that you are being extreme, think about all of the foods that are truly extreme, the ones that damage our hearts, that cause more insulin resistance, that destroy endothelial cells, that cause spikes in blood pressure, think about the foods that lead to preventable diseases or the foods that cause some (like myself) to spiral into previous addictions. Think about what over-consuming certain foods can do. Isn’t that more extreme? That we would risk life-debilitating illness over food?
Move the line of what extreme is. Plant-strong is not extreme, it is simply sensible.  Here is the link to the article:   http://engine2diet.com/the-daily-beet/moving-the-line-of-extreme/  And while you are at it read the comment at the end about orthorexia!  I think I used to be that when I was struggling to overcome my food addictions.  Yes...I am a food addict.  I think by finally accepting that, I was able to move towards recovery.  Best of health to everyone!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lead By Example

This seems to be the theme of life but it is also the theme of dietary changes.  How many times have I tried to succeed at eating well and maintain weight loss?  Too many times!  I'm sure my family and others who have watched this parade of one disaster after another of diets wondered if I would succeed this time?  They also probably got sick of hearing about it.  Well this time is different.  I really hope my previous posting didn't make anyone think, "oh no...here she goes again".  If so I'd like this posting to erase that posting from your memory!

A truly long lasting and good eating plan is one I can sustain without feeling worried about others choices.  My job is to lead by example.  Hopefully my choices will become an example of shining health and delicious food and if I don't help others by my example, at least I will be healthier so I can have enough energy to help them in other ways!  Best of health to all!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Macaroni and cheese with Coleslaw

The link to these recipes are here and here :  Baked macaroni and Cheese & Cabbage Salad with Dijon Lime Dressing.  These are great recipes.  The pasta is quinoa pasta.  Very filling and delicious!  In case you didn't know the food is sugar free, fat free, meat and dairy free but full of flavor and very filling.  It's basically McDougall on steroids.  Just kidding there!  haha!  Seriously though...my criteria for being able to follow a plan...(and believe me...I've had lots of experience at this) is that I have to be able to eat it long term, it has to be healthy for my heart, I have to love it, it has to be cheap and easy to fix, and I shouldn't have to weigh and measure anything.  I should just be full after eating.  Also, it cannot be addictive.  I need to feel full and satisfied and happy after eating.  This food fits all those criteria!  So I'm pretty excited about that.  However, the real test will be in 6 months.  There is a protective diet page on facebook and the people who have been on it for 6 months or longer still really love it, get excited about cooking it, and they are super cheerful.  I love that part the best. For facebook that is pretty amazing that they are so positive.  Well there you go.  Just a little more information about this Protective Diet thing.  Moving on....   :-)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Protective Diet

I've been eating for 30 days on a protective diet.  It is an eating plan that protects the endothelial cells in your body.  Guess what?  I was featured on the website!  Here's the link if you want to check it out:  http://protectivediet.com/check-out-suzettes-testimonial-and-protective-diet-success-story-i-receive-ma.html

I'll be posting some really awesome recipes that I've eaten (and continue to eat because they are so delicious) so you can try them to if you want.  Anyway...hope you enjoy!